I love the heat, the intensity, the music, and the group vibe of hot Pilates. I found abdominal muscles that have been hiding for years!  I am hooked! –Diane Juul

I never want to start the day without a pyroPILATES class again! -Shannon Putt

Immediate results with immediate effort! It's all about you! Just do it! You will be amazed! - Christina Madison

It's a super intense and super fun high intensity interval Pilates that leaves me sore in places I never knew existed! And I can't get enough of this intense, sweaty, full body burning pyroPILATES class! – Libby Wilcox

Unlike yoga, the class - at times - is downright rowdy, with shouts of encouragement and spontaneous count-downs to the end of an exercise.  My yoga towel was soaked by the end I am hooked.   I know this is what my body needs and I will make it a priority!  One of my favorite Missy-isms:  “you can’t fill up anyone else’s cup if yours is empty!”   Come fill up your cup at Hot Pilates!!! – Liz D’Arcy

I'm not what you would call an exercise junkie by any stretch of the imagination, but this class makes me understand how people can be that way! The combination of strength training and cardio while rocking out makes it feel like having fun w/ your friends at a club and NOT the same ole, same ole exercise class at a stuffy gym. I love that there's so much variety in the class and you never know what's coming next!– Staci Suzuki 

I am so glad I tried Hot Pilates! This 60 minute class is a great way to detox and de-stress, with a super challenging, total body workout.  After just a few classes, I can feel a difference in my strength and energy level.  - Kristin Hogue

Burn baby, burn!  I've been looking AND feeling great! I feel like I get stronger every time I take this class.  I can only imagine with excitement what will happen in the long run. -Lori Brown