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PyroPILATES is a low impact training system that combines pilates based deep core strengthening along with cardiovascularly challenging High Intensity Interval Training for an intense, fun workout that increases strength, stamina, flexibility and quality of life. PyroPILATES classes are ideally (although not necessarily) conducted in a heated room (100-105 degrees Fahrenheit) with 30-40% humidity.

What is pyroPILATES?



  • improves your mental focus

  • increases your strength and stamina. 

  • chisels your muscles and tightens your core.

  • provides a fun workout for you and your friends.

  • promotes excellent cardiovascular health for a better quality of life.

  • empowers your body and mind.

  • improves your confidence and self esteem.

  • boosts your metabolism.

  • heals and prevents physical injury.

Mission Statement

PyroPILATES provides safe and effective pilates based fitness instruction in a positive environment, suitable for all ability levels. Our knowledgeable instructors will inspire and  empower students while helping build both physical and mental stamina and strength.

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