PyroPILATES is a low impact training system that combines pilates based deep core strengthening along with cardiovascularly challenging High Intensity Interval Training for an intense, fun workout that increases strength, stamina, flexibility and quality of life. PyroPILATES classes are typically conducted in a heated room (100-105 degrees Fahrenheit) with 30-40% humidity.


The primary elements of pyroPILATES are:

-movement of the body originating from the POWERHOUSE (core)

-conscious body awareness

-self empowerment

-physical and mental stamina

-integrity of movement and form

Missy Jones has combined the most effective elements of yoga, pilates, and HIIT to create a fun system of body movement that provides immediate, positive results. Missy is certified in Bikram Yoga, Pilates, Xtend Barre, Yin Yoga, and has earned her 500RYT certificate. She has been actively teaching yoga and pilates since 2008. She earned her MEd from the University of Florida College  of Education with a specialization in Reading and Language.